How To Buy from Us

Type a description of your desired item in the search box.

Alternatively, you can search by category at the top of the homepage.

Check how many units of the item have been sold.

Read reviews and look at photographs of what you are buying.

Ensure that the item can be delivered to your location and that you are happy with the
estimated delivery time.

Check the amount of successful sales the seller has.

Check how long the seller has been selling on 2ndLife.

Check how other buyers rate the seller’s product quality, delivery rate, and communication.

Sign in or create your 2ndLife account if you do
not have one.

If you are a new customer, fill out the delivery
address form.

If you are an existing customer, choose an
existing address or fill out a new form if you
want to deliver to a new address.

Select the payment method you would like to use.

Remember that you have 100% protection
when you pay in advance.

Then click confirm to complete your order.