How we keep you safe

Buyer Safety Algorithms

2ndlife has developed and continuously updates proprietary software algorithms to automatically monitor data for patterns, and quickly detect potential risks and violations.

Community Reporting

We encourage our buyer community to report inappropriate or suspicious activity. To file a report please send an email to us visit the Contact Us page.

Trust & Safety Teams

In addition to our automated monitoring system, Konga has a number of teams focused on protecting the integrity of Konga’s marketplace by proactively investigating, sanctioning, and preventing various types of inappropriate behavior.

Steps to improve shipping & safeguard transactions

1. Quickly find Your Preferred Items.

2ndLife makes it easy for you to find the items you prefer when you search, you can filter by price, brand, category, and other product dimensions.

2. Check product details, ratings and reviews.

Inspecting details & reviews can help prevent surprises and confirm that an item meets your needs. Stronger ratings & reviews indicate safer, more trustworthy sellers.

3. Contact merchants for product questions.

2ndlife makes it easy to contact the seller before you buy just click the ‘Contact Seller’ button.

4. Double-check the items In your cart before paying.

Before you choose your payment method, take a second to check that your order contains the items and quantities you want.

5. Double-Check your phone number and delivery address.

Before you choose your payment method, check your contact details to make sure that you can be contacted about your delivery.

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6. Pre-pay to enjoy maximum protection.

When you pay at checkout, 2ndlife holds your payment (temporarily) before forwarding it to the seller & can protect you 100% if things somehow don’t go as planned.

7. Check your SMS & Email for messages about your order.

After you place your order, we will send you an order confirmation by email. Check for communications about your order.

8. For Pay On Delivery (POD), pay only after the items arrive.

If you chose POD, do not pay before your item is delivered. If you’re asked to pay before delivery for a POD order, contact us immediately

9. Contact us within 7 days of delivery.

If you have issues with your order contact us within 7 days, to make resolution easy, Complaints made within 7 days of allows you to benefit from our return policy (To contact us, email or call +23 490 311 11161)

10. Rate and Review the order after delivery.

After your item is delivered, you can help other buyers stay safe and choose the most trustworthy sellers by rating and reviewing your transaction.